A Teddy Bear


I am a big fat Teddy Bear

I sit upon the shelf

look down on all the other toys

my owner must have wealth


My ears are getting floppy

and my knees are rather worn

my coat is getting thinner

through all the wear and tear I’ve borne


Although it’s not surprising

as I’m over eighty years old

my foot feels as if it’s got gout

and I’m sure I’ve caught a cold


Now Johnny’s taking me off the shelf

I wonder what we will play today

will it be Cowboys and Indians?

that’s a game he likes to play


Sometimes we listen to music

all that pop noise hurts my head

thump, thump. thump all day long

I’m glad to go back to bed


But I like it best when he cuddles me

he’s only eight  years old, you know

we fall asleep together a lot

off to the land of nod we go


We have many thrilling adventures

always together, don’t you see?

I just think the world of him

and I know he will always be there for me


Doris Duckworth


Doris Duckworth, that is my name

A large white Duck I became

From a little furry chick

And very soon, I grew up quick

I waddle about all day long

In the river or stream I belong

With my big beak I can peck and quack

From my young age, I soon got the knack

People come from miles around

To the Duck Pond to hear us make our sound

Quite a racket we can make

Sometimes more than folks can take

But they bring us food to eat

And the children can be so sweet

Occasionally you get some vicious ones who moan

But some just want to throw a stone

So we scuttle off under some bushes near

Because like you we live in fear

Of those people who just want to harm

Us cute Ducks, with all our charm

We just want to live a peaceful life

With not much hassle, very little strife

So next time you see us by the pond asleep

Remember that, and please take a peep

But to enjoy freedom that we have we must

In you humans put a lot of trust

Tumble the Taddy Bear


Tumble was feeling sad

For Christmas was coming up and all he wanted to be loved

All the other bears sitting on the shelf, were brightly coloured

and he thought they won’t pick me, which made him sad you see?

Well children came in the shop

Children left the shop

But while he looked forlorn a little boy

Stood staring at him this is the one mummy, daddy

Please this one why do you want that one they say

For he reminds me of me on a sad day

 I feel I could offer him a lot of love mummy

I’m sure you could says daddy

Look he has a bell to

Please he would be good in my room

So Tommy took him home placed him on the trunk at the bottom of his bed

He then said if anyone enters ring your bell

 Then we can sort them out together

Well after he left for tea jack decided to play a trick on him

And moved closer and closer

Until he popped out and frightened tumble

With a shock he shook his bell

 Tommy ran up the stairs what’s wrong he said

Why was your bell ringing he looked all around the room

Nothings here he thought

 just as he went to walk he kicked jack

Oh that naughty jack in the box

Did it scare you I’m so sorry forgot about him

Come on with me to the tea table

So he took tumble with him

 made a place at the table

For him to sit would you like some tea said Tommy

Offering a spoon of beans

Oh I suppose its better you don’t for wind roams afterwards

Better to keep clean

It soon be bath time said Tommy

You might enjoy that playing with the bubbles

Tommy said mummy can he go in the bath

Well mummy laughed yes but it’s better to leave him like new

Well can he watch then, he can she says

So on the ledge he sits

While Tommy shampoos and scrubs then out came his submarines

Splash splash under water they go Tommy throws the water

Over tumbles by accident and begins to cry

Now he says to tumble I look like you

Mummy did laugh

That’s true


Teddy Bear,s Picnik


Down in the garden next to the shed

is an old Rocking Horse and an old Ted

the Teddy Bear has lost an ear

and stuffing from one leg

but hops along despite this wear and tear


There’s an old Corn Dolly without much hair

and a couple of old Donkeys what a potty pair

a little grey Rabbit sits under a tree

Ernie the Hedgehog is wandering free

so what a place to be


On a summers afternoon all can be revealed

around a little table having a meal

sits all these little creatures

Having fun, you see

The reason that I know this, one of them is me

Just a Rag Doll



I am just a Rag Doll

but who is going to care?

that my hair is falling out

and that I am a little worse for wear


My little boots have holes in

and my jacket is all torn

with trousers that could do with a lick of paint

I sure do look well worn


But my nice big marble eyes

still shine so very bright

with my shiny red rosy cheeks

my face is still a pretty sight


I just need an understanding owner

someone who will really care for me

who has that unrequited love?

to give especially to me


I know I am one hundred years old

but that makes me so different to the norm

I have to small arms to hold someone

and a makeshift heart to keep them warm


My smile is so becoming

I listen attentively all day

and never argue or go into a strop

just show understanding and take in all you say


So anyone passing by this window

don’t just stop and stare

then leave and not even say hello

come on in if you really care


Someday a new owner will come in for me

and boy, that will make me glad

my smile will get even bigger

and no longer shall I be sad

Ragtime Cowboy Joe 

When I was a lad, six or seven

I collected Cowboys and Indians

Had quite a few

But my favourite was this one

But no one knew 

On his horse Randy

He rode the range

In my imagination

So nothing would change 

I was that cowboy

 The hero of the day

Arriving in the nick of time

To drive the Indians away 

Me, and Randy rode the range

Fearlessly, together,   into every town

For when ever danger was lurking

It was us that would bring it down 

I lived my life as a cowboy

Sleeping under the stars at night

Though I was really tucked up safe in bed

It felt so real and right 

I dreamed every dream that all boys have

Of being something they will never be

But when I dressed up in my little shirt and chaps

I became the person I wanted to be