Mavis and Mark lived near the railway line that ran at the back of their house and everyday they saw the little red train pass by with its six bright red carriages full of passengers off to the big city.  Oh how nice it would be to do that said Mark, what said Mavis, well ride on the train to the city and back silly said Mark and they kept thinking about the train ride all the way to school that day. Soon Saturday came along and that’s when they liked to play together and create their own adventures often spending the day together playing in the trees that ran beside the railway line and they always had a great view of the train as it passed close by but they were always careful not to get to close as that could be dangerous. As the train passed by they would wave to the passengers who would wave back and smile which made Mavis and Mark’s day and they would wander off to enjoy the rest of the day in happy mood.



One particular Saturday in August started the same as any other day with the two children bickering between themselves as to what they would do today and eventually they decided to go down the local woods which ran parallel to the railway line and hopefully they would catch sight of the Red Train and it’s passengers as they went by. But things changed dramatically this time as the old steam engine was chugging loudly and red sparks were being sent into the air from its engine as it burned the coal and some pieces shot out into the grassy verges and immediately caught fire. Quick said Mavis let’s try and put the fire out here use these old sacks that are lying here and they tried to put out the fire but it spread rapidly due to the hot dry conditions. Run home Mavis said Mark and get mummy to call the fire brigade, quickly don’t dawdle this is serious if the fire spreads to the nearby woods it would be catastrophic, so off Mavis ran for all her worth and burst in on her mother who was in the kitchen making their dads tea. Quick mum said Mavis, why whatever’s happened replied her mother rather anxiously, The railway banks caught fire and is in danger of spreading into the woods and Mark says call the Fire Brigade and get them to put it out. Ok said her mum as Mavis ran straight out the door, be careful don’t go back down there as she dialled the emergency number and told the fire service what was happening. By now Mavis had returned to the scene where Mark was standing well back having failed in his attempt to put the fire out.Suddenly the sound of the fire bell clanging arose as the fire engine pulled up in the road next to where the fire was raging and then chaos ensued as the fire men barked orders at one another as they unravelled the hosepipe and let go with a stream of water sending it blasting into the fire which was still raging.Very quickly it was extinguished and Mavis and Mark became the heroes of the day even though they were told off for trying to put the fire out, commendable as it was they could have been seriously hurt. Next time said the fire chief just run and call us, we do this all the time but seeing as you have been  diligent and brave how would you like a ride home on the fire engine, I think you deserve that much at least.So Mavis and Mark were put into the fire engine and had to cover their ears as the driver set the bell off just to give them a thrill and their mother was astounded as the noisy fire engine pulled up outside their house. Here you are Mrs Green both are home safe and sound just in time for tea, thank you said their mum, that’s enough excitement for one day you two now you can help me with the washing up. Goodbye said the firemen as they drove off leaving Mavis and Mark with their memory of the day the little red engine started the fire and they helped put it out. All the other local kids wanted to know what had happened so they never washed in the end.


Farmer Giles had an old green tractor he called Horace for fun. He and Horace used to plough the fields all day before returning to the farm where Horace was kept overnight in an old barn. His farm was called Forty Acres, because this was about the size of his fields and all his outbuildings and he was very proud of his domain. He had about forty Cows. Thirty-five Chickens and an old Cockerel he called Sid along with forty Pigs which lived in the bottom field and slept in tin shelters to keep warm from the winter ellements and to have cover from the hot summer sun. Life on the farm was hard work but very idyllic and Farmer Giles and his wife Doris lived happily with their three children content to work the farm and see their children grow up in a countryside environment.He bought Horace some years previously so as to make ploughing the fields a bit easier as the old tractor he had then kept breaking down. During the winter Farmer Giles and his eldest son Tommy would plough the fields over ready for the next year’s crops as well as having a field full of Brussels Sprouts and Cabbages which they grew ready for Christmas Time to sell on their farmers Market Stall during the cold months of December through till February to help bring in much need income. Farms take a lot of financing what with the livestock to feed as well as his family, so he was always on the go day in and day out and poor old Horace was kept well busy and would chug up and down the field all day pulling the plough and the harrow to churn up the ground ready for planting. If they were ploughing a field that had been left for the grass to grow so as to make Hay and Silage to feed the animals, sometimes they might disturb  Barney the little field mouse that farmer Giles used to share the cheese from his lunch box  with and talk to whilst having a cup of tea to wash down his sandwiches. This occurred most days when he was in that field so he was always careful when he was working not to injure his little friend. As time went by all the ploughing was finished and the crops began to sprout and in the lower field where the mice were Farmer Giles wheat began to grow and with the heat of late spring and early summer as the sun shone everything was growing nicely. The mice were having a rare old time munching on the corn leaves and getting fatter by the week and really having an easy life buried beneath the ground.Horace was in the farmyard receiving his monthly washdown so as to keep him clean and shiny and to prevent dirt from getting into his engine causing him to break down. He felt happy with life and was pleased that all the fields were ploughed which was the hardest work on the farm and Horace preferred and easy life.