Lolly was a Leprechaun

Who lived inside a Tree

A joy little fellow

As happy as could be

He loved a little fairy maiden

Who was called Penelope

And every day he used to watch

Her swimming in the river wild and free

And she used to flap her tiny wings

And fly around the place

In and out of the bushes

With such style and grace

The Blues and Greens mixed in her wings

Shone so spectacularly, and with ease

And the little Red and Blue dress she wore

Would rustle wildly in the breeze

But she rarely noticed Lolly

For he was not her type at all

She was in love with Peter pan

And ran at his every call

So lolly became miserable

And down in the dumps was he

And started staying in his hideout

Beneath the old Oak tree

But the fairy Godmother noticed

What was taking place down by the Pond

And tried to get Lolly to venture out

Down past the old Mill and far beyond

To find another Fairy

Who would love him in return

For he had so much feeling deep inside

And for Penelope he did yearn

As he sat upon a Mushroom

In a leafy glade in Butterfly Wood

He saw another little Fairy

So pretty and looked so good

Her found out her name was Mary

She had a captivating smile

And she was smitten with lolly’s bright blue eyes

So they began courting for a while

Now Lolly was a happy little Leprechaun again

Now true love had come his way

He would sing and dance the whole day through

Since Mary had come his way

The moral of this little tale

Never give up on happiness it may not be far away

It may be just around the corner, down by the stream

Who are we to say

Your Best Friend


Have you hugged your teddy today?

And show him the love that comes his way

How much you need his comforting smile

Because he will be there all the while

To cheer you up when you are down

And make you lose that worried frown

Who knows, he may be your Guardian Angel in disguise

Maybe to you that’s why he seems so very wise

Always seems to be there when he is needed

Listens intently and every word is heeded

His soft brown arms will cuddle you tight

Under the blankets all through the night

And he always has his cheeky grin

No matter what mood you may be in

However, his eyes are getting loose a bit

And his coat is threadbare and a tightly fit

He still loves you never fret

Because he is the best friend, you will ever get


Special Teddy Bear


I am a handsome bear

Kiss me if you dare

Hug me close to your chest

Take me to bed

And see what a good friend I’d be

I can cuddle you real close

And kiss you when your down

You can see my name stamped on my foot

And I never where a frown

I am always happy and smiling

And cheerful all the time

With my chequered kerchief

I really look sublime

My listening ears are always there

To advise you when you need help

But just remember that I am so soft and cuddly

And will be your friend for life