The Gravestone


The young Lady does stand and stare

Like someone without a care

But no one knows her secret heartache

And that the headstone is more than she can take

It bears her name from years ago

As the tears, begin to flow

Remembering her past life and the lover, she knew

Of how their love just grew and grew

Killed in a jealous rage they said

Whatever the reason she was found dead

In that Hay Barn that frosty winters night

Battered to death, a grizzly sight

Killed by a woman was the thought

Who sadly for Alice, was never caught

She was just a happy soul just like all girls

With shining eyes just like a blue pearls

Lovely long hair curly and black

And a smile that would take any man aback

Her lover a Captain, a Kings Dragoon

Had arranged to meet her under the starry moon

When he arrived, he became so distraught it seems

At seeing his beloved Alice dead, the girl of his dreams

So overcome was our Captain bold

Sadly, he would never grow old

Took his pistol to his head

And shot himself and he was dead

Found together the following morning

By a farmer as the sun was dawning

Now buried together beneath the stone

Together forever never alone

The Lighthouse


The Lighthouse stands so tall and poud

Waves lapping on the rocks below

On the beach a Seagull walks

Ambling along quite slow

A Deckchair in a strategic place

To survey the scene so serene

White horses ride across the waves

Looking dangerous and mean

Dark clouds coming in from the west

Will it rain today

It will not matter much to me

The Seagull seems to say

A passing ship goes sailing by

Oblivious to any danger that might be around

Not realising that if a storm ensues

It could easily run aground

For those sailing past in the dead of night

The Lighthouse light guides their way

For many years it’s stood its ground

A saviour some might say

The little cove, a select place

A little heaven on earth some might say

And the Lighthouse, a beacon in the night

Helps passing sailors to live another day

Gods Children


Go to sleep little one

Lay down your sleepy head

Close your heavy weary eyes

Away from harm and dread

Your one of Gods little children

Sent to us to make our day

So that we can love you

In each and every way

You bring joy into our lives

And you make us weep and smile

But sadly some nasty people

Can be violent and vile

They take away your innocence

For their own selfish needs

Never caring about what they do

Its just their sickness that it feeds

To destroy a life in one so small

A crime against all humanities

The pain and suffering that it brings

Sometimes you’re the only one that sees

The damage that’s been inflicted

A body torn apart

The suffering will be always there

Deep inside your heart

But with Gods help and your resilience

You will overcome your fear

Because you will learn someday that

There are people who care

The true ones that will love you

Be there for you each day

And do their best to keep you safe

From those who would do you harm in any way

So never let despair

Take away your life, Gods gift to you

Because he’s always there on the look out

Watching everything you do

That hand upon your shoulder

The wind against your cheek

You will feel him around to give you the strength

That you will always seek

So sleep tight little soldier

Never fear that he will leave

Because you will always feel him

Tugging at your sleeve