What is a Mum


A mum is always someone

That brightens up any day

A person who really cares

In each and every way

Her smile is so magnetic

And has a voice so warm and caring

The love she radiates fills any room

Something she is always sharing

She’s there to wash away the tears

Whenever she is needed

And every kind word she says

Is always appreciated and heeded

Without her what would life be like

So bleak and so uncaring

I am so thankful for all the love

She is unselfishly, abundantly, sharing  

Fragrance of Beauty


Love has a fragrance all of its own

Held deep within the heart

It’s not something you smell like a Rose or a lily

But you know it’s there from the very start

Emotions that resemble the colours of a Rainbow

Are emitted from deep within

Bringing an afterglow of inner passion

So warm it could be considered a sin

But fragrances come in many forms

Not just a beautiful aroma

It can be shining through from a wondrous smile

Sometimes treated like a forgotten misnomer

But most of all it’s a magic smell or feeling

That fills the air and heart with rapturous wonder

Leaving an afterglow deep within the soul

Leaving you in a state of perfect harmony to ponder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

But not always in a shape or form

Most often in comes in something you smell of feel

Completely different from the norm

But most of all it comes from the heart

When true love comes to call

That radiance in the face and eyes

A dead giveaway to one and all

Beauty is the greatest emotion

That can be experienced in such a fragrant way

The light that radiates from deep within

You hope and pray will always stay

Deep down in your soul and held inside your heart

For all eternity

A fragrant emotional reminder

How wonderful life can be