A Teddy’s Life

In the Old Curiosity Shop

At the end of the street

Way back in a corner

Looking very discreet

Lies a battered old Teddy Bear

With well worn hands and feet

His ears are torn and ragged

But he would be nice to meet

He’s been around for many a year

Through two wars at least or more

Now needs a new home, so as to rest

To stop him looking so poor

In 1900 he was picked up and bought

By a boy in old London town

Looking so new, his glass eyes shone

Looking so happy, without a frown

A lovely colour brown, with a nice fluffy coat

A really cuddly looking toy was he

But he was treated so badly, straight from the off

It now obviously shows you see

Kicked and battered right from the start

Not a very good life for a teddy bear

That’s why he looked so miserable and down in the dumps

 It’s down to all that bad wear and tear

Thrown out some years later

With the jumble for the church

Bought by a nice young lady

Who had been left in the lurch

She nursed him back to health again

Brought back his nice red coat

Sat him in her front room window

So that she could gloat

At having such a lovely Teddy Bear

But the feeling didn’t last too long

Before,  he was on the move again

This time sold for a song

A soldier bought him for good luck

Who was off to fight in the war

So in the trenches he did go

In with all the blood and gore

His master killed, not long after

So buried up to his neck in mud and slime

It’s as though his time was running out

Even though teddy was in his prime

For many years well hidden away

Out in a field in France

Dug up by a farmer clearing his field

By now he must have been in a trance

Taken home and treated well

The farmer’s wife was a saint

Cleaned him, preened him and patched him up again

By now he again looked quite quaint

In world war two he was on the move

With the army on the Rhine

Fell off a cart then and found again

A British soldier said now your mine

Taken back to Blighty

The feeling of being wanted was intense

But three children squabbled, pulled him about

The damage again was immense

Thrown out again, so here he is

Awaiting his final fate

So if you pass the shop today

Go on; buy him before it’s too late.

Over the Hill

Over the hill and far away

Just like stars, forever and a day

Clouds pass by, overhead

Bypassing the Sun so bright, so Red

The pathway winds its merry way

Over Hill and Dale, just nature’s way

Of taking you to a place where you may not have been

To see things you may have never seen

The Flowers bloom in the Spring-time air

Bringing colour everywhere

The Birds are singing their early morning song

They chirp and chatter all day long

They help to bring the morning into fruition

A peaceful tranquillity brought to submission

In the distance many miles afar

As you wander you may wonder, where you are

Are you lost or just misplaced

Or like the landscape, easily traced

An adventure to be enjoyed in this wondrous place

As earth discloses her morning face

The Grass grows in a melancholy way

Bends in the breeze, everyday

When the Wind howls like a creature from the dark

It disturbs both the Wren and the Lark

Both nesting in the sweet smelling grass

Who become frightened when you pass?  

We sometimes wonder what’s over the hill

So silent so quiet, so very still

To wander aimlessly is the want

Enjoying every Tree, Creature or living Plant

When the rains come so does the mist

In early morning the earth is gently kissed

Into life, as the Dew glistens all around

Like a sea of ebbing grass lying on the ground

To walk this path like many times before

A walk I really do adore