Early Morning


The Sky is aflame

Its glow reaches upwards to eternity

The Horizon a mass of light

A new day the only certainty


An amber sheen caresses the ceiling

Of the gentle blue morning sky

Moreover, the darkness still abounds

Surrounding the ground so still and dry


Like a gentle fire burning bright

Or a thousand electric lights

All switched on together

The scene it gentle blights


The darkened line of hedgerows

Tops glistening with the colourful hue

Takes one’s breath away completely

As a shadowy pylon stands in mystic view


Even the light glows through other car windows

Like bonfires suddenly raising

Though in the passing meadows

The cattle in darkness are still gently grazing


Its one of life’s mysteries this early morning view

A flame of solid sky

I never cease to be amazed

As I go driving by

Hello Moon


Peeping out from behind the clouds

My moon, which the darkness shrouds

Memories of when we used to walk

For many hours, make love and talk

Hand in hand beneath its glow

Followed by the stars all in a row

Twinkling like your eyes, I know

And on your face a constant glow

Brought by the love between the two of us

Happiness without any fuss

So moon do you remember those loving nights

When our passions reached the heights

Making love beneath your moonbeam

An incandescent love that really gleams

Now I walk so all alone and how

I miss you and your wedding vow

To be with me for all my life

You a loving husband, me your wife

However, fate dealt a cruel and fateful hand

Brought on by things I did not understand

But my moon and I still carry on together

Our nightly meeting whatever the weather

Memories I have inside my heart

Ensure that we will never part