Sea of Dreams


As my  thoughts just pass me  by

I sometimes sit and wonder why

My dreams just seem to come and go

From whence they came, where did they go?

So real are they when they arrive

It is as though I have come alive

In a world of make believe

Where it’s hard to conceive

That we are in a different world when we are asleep

In our dreams we travel deep

To a land so far away

When we must awake we would rather stay

Our dreams become so very concise

And we arrive there in such a trice

Sometimes at night it is hard to sleep

We try to imagine and count sheep

So that we can pass through

Into our dream state, a powerful hue

Time ceases to be important as we dream

Nothing will be as it may seem

A picture appears into the mind’s eye

Though we may be in dreamland and it may pass by

When we awake we may or may not remember where we have been

But then paradise is rarely seen

Like the sea it ebbs away

To return another day

Brainwaves search at every corner of our mind

To find the answer, to unwind

The secret that has been lost for eternity

The true meaning of our dreams you see

A Place called Loose Chippings


Some ways up the road

Not too far away

There is a village I pass through

With a strange name I would say

Loose Chippings it called

A pretty little place

In the summer there’s flower boxes

That stand out in your face

Such is their beauty

A  Rainbowistic sight

And the street lights shine brightly

At all times of the night

Helped by the glowing

Of the bright shining moonlight

As you drive through

Rarely is anyone seen

Except Old Bob and his dog Bessie

Who is running free on the village green

The local pub sign swings gentle

In the mid-day breeze

And the only sound heard sometimes

Is when old farmer Brown’s cow gives a sneeze

So as you drive slowly through

As the other roadside sign says

You will remember Loose Chipping

For the rest of your days


The Cemetery Mole


Down in the Churchyard

in amongst the graves so still

is a little problem

and it makes me ill


A Mole has made his home

in the family plot

as for our feelings

he does not give a jot


Every time I go to tend

the grave with love and care

I am greeted by this mound of earth

so I know that he has been there


He digs away to his heart’s content

the mound gets bigger every day

so I am going to have to trap him

try to catch it in some way


So I will dig a little hole into his mound

and set a trap for him

a passer by walked over

said what are you up to Jim


Trying to catch this little varmint

who is causing me concern?

I have to teach him a lesson

so that he will learn


To leave my family plot alone

go somewhere else to dig his tunnels

because all the mounds he leaves behind

looks like a row of funnels


So I set my trap, and off I went

home for a good nights rest

satisfied I had done my duty

to catch this little pest


As I fell asleep, my mind did dream

this little creature with his pick and shovel hard at work all night

dragging the dirt to the surface in his little cart

so it would be there for me to see at early light







Suddenly there was a clanging sound

as the trap snapped down on his neck hard and fast

trapped, struggling to break free

but soon to breathe his last


I awoke with such a start

shouting Oh Lord, what have I done?

I have killed one of Gods tiny creatures

on with clothes and out I run


Down to the Cemetery at high speed

till I reached the family plot

I yanked on the trap protruding

to see what I had got


To my relief there was nothing there

I must have dreamt it all it seems

my little friend was still alive

not dead, like in my dreams


I quietly flattened out his mounds

Thought I can do that every day

It can be a special thing between us

A game that we can play


After all what harm was he doing

tunnelling away

my relatives now had company

and that’s how it will have to stay