Little Jimmy


Little Jimmy is six years old

And spends his life doing what he’s told

Despite this, he has no life

Just abused, a life full of strife


All he wants is a little love to come his way

But for what he gets, he has to pay

His mother beats him with a stick

Thrashes him until he is sick


He fell over and banged himself she says

And tells social workers about his wicked ways

So as to get sympathy for her alone

She even hits him with the phone


It’s in the cupboard under the stairs for you

After she has beaten him black and blue

He hates the cupboard because it’s dark

It’s cruelty that leaves no mark


It’s the mental torture he has to endure

Every day and more for sure

If he does not reach seven who will care

He thinks, no one cares, who will miss him if he’s not there


His father’s as bad but uses a belt

And on his back, he has a welt

Left there from the previous nights beating

As in a corner he was left bleeding and bleating


Sobbing tears, so all alone

He wonders if he will ever be full-grown

How much longer can he take?

This life so cruel and no mistake


He need not have worried he soon knew his fate

As one night his parents came home late

After leaving him locked in his dingy room

With no light on in the dark and gloom


Both were drunk had a few to many that night

And went into a rage when they switched on the light

They saw what nature had made him do to himself

And they beat him senseless with a shelf


Neighbours heard the pitiful screams

It woke them from their peaceful dreams

Someone called the Police, who soon arrived

But it was soon to obvious that Jimmy had not survived


As his life had ebbed away

All his spirit could think of as they took his body away

Was, why me what had he done wrong

To deserve this fate, destiny had it right all along


Social Workers, family and definitely his father and mother

All to blame in one way or another

No one heard his cries for help it seems

Those piercing, blood curdling, desperate screams


How many more Jimmy’s have to die

Before someone starts to ask why

Our system fails so many children in this plight

Despite the failures’, never give up the fight


Jimmy’s parents now in prison where they deserve to be

It’s a Childs right to live life free

From abuse of any kind

To those looking on it is a state of mind


So when you hear that dreadful noise, so heartbreaking

Another Jimmy his soul someone is taking

Pick up the phone, ignore the risk to yourself

Just remember that another parent could be using a shelf


With Jimmy gone and his parents behind bars

We should ask what is wrong with this world of ours

That these dreadful situations still exist

Carefully hidden in everyday mist



Maria is from Croatia a far distant place

How she arrived here is such a disgrace

Dragged away from her family at only eighteen

With a promise of a life she had never seen


Coming to a position that would pay well

And keep her in clothes and send money home as well

So as to help her parents who were quite poor

And the money she would send would help them more


Put on a plane and arrived in the dark

Taken to a house that was quite stark

Raped and abused by many men

Never thought she would see home again


Made to work as a prostitute twenty-four seven

In dark and dingy rooms taking money she was given

Many a beating she had to take

Otherwise, her body would end up in a lake


Her body now battered her private parts torn

No longer had need of the dress she had worn

So often used didn’t know the time of day

I wish I were dead was all she would say


Sold on three times for a few thousand pounds

To further deprivation as bad as it sounds

The treatment the same, more rape more abuse

Forced to work in massage parlours, what was the use


Frightened and lonely and at her wits end

She was lucky that one client became her friend

He arranged her escape, helped her to flee

But she still never knew how safe she would be


He got her to a safe house, many miles away

Now hounded by police who wanted help in any way

To stop those responsible, close their evil trade down

And make the streets safe in the city and town


Maria was lucky in the end she was saved

But would always be wary, alone and afraid

She could no longer trust anyone she would ever meet

Always apprehensive when out in the street


The Rapes and the Beatings her body abused

Deeply disturbed though not alone still confused

How anyone can survive such an horrific ordeal

The pain and the suffering is hard to conceal


She grew up as a young girl full of laughter and fun

Despite being poor, her life had begun

So these promises of a better life were welcome for sure

To help her poor parents, to give them more


Her illusions shattered, what’s left for her now

She has to learn to cope with the pain somehow

But someday she will meet that special man

Who will truly love her and help her all he can


Not all men are as evil as those who abused

Her trust and naivety for which she was used

What hurts her the most is her inner feeling,

Her body’s no longer her own, it will take time healing


The thought of someone being sold, used and abused

Is against all humanity, leaves one aghast and confused

How could countries let this happen, why no deterrent

The anger it raises, makes one incoherent


Something must be done to stop this evil trade

So people must be made aware, not kept in the shade

Maria had rights, which were just ripped away

But at least with help she lives to fight another day


So don’t bury your head in the sand

Raise up your voice and give Maria a hand

To raise awareness of this evil trade

Of selling young girl’s bodies and the money that’s made


No thought for the minds and souls that have been taken

Leaving bodies mangled, abused minds disturbed and shaken

Just remember it could be your very own daughter

So don’t wash it under the bridge of life, just like flowing water