It’s a cold night in the dogs home

Snow is on the ground

Christmas time is here again

so lonely for a hound


Kids want dogs for presents

but the novelty doesn’t last

so once here in this kennel

life can fade out fast


Benjy sits alone and thinks

of the people that pass by

looking for a family pet

and he just wonders why


He’s the one that no one wants

that  barks and wags his tail a lot

tries to lick them through the cage

to show them what he’s got


To offer in affection

and always be on hand

to help protect and keep them safe

from the bad people in the land


Benjy’s a German Shepherd dog

he knows he’s rather large and ferocious

and  needs a special owner

because he can be quite precocious


Another dawn, another day

he’s thinking to himself

just like another children’s toy

left upon the shelf


A door creaks open down the end

of the kennel row he’s in

a few more people to have a look

at what state the dogs are in


The open door lets in some snow

it just comes in to gloat

not much to keep him warm at all

only his fur coat


The family pass him by so fast

they didn’t look at all

or so he thought, this time he was wrong

perhaps God heard his call


A little girl and boy came back

said mummy this one’s nice

this comment perked him up no end

he thought I cost no price


But mummy said he’s rather large

we know they said, but think of it

he will protect us while daddy is away

and this made her think a bit


Can we see him better

perhaps  we can take him for a walk

but Benjy had been there before

he knew it was only talk


On his best behaviour

he woofed to say hello

long time since he had arms around him

since he played out in the snow


Been in and out of families

for many, many years

no one ever realizes

that even a dogs can still shed tears


Now six or seven years of age

no one really knows

the pain and heartache of being neglected

sometimes never shows


The children were excited

they kept him on his toes

playing running, jumping about

rolling in the snow


Back at the kennel the mother said

we will take him for a week

to see how he behaves himself

then looked back to take a peek


 To late to see the children in the snow

their faces a joy to see

come on Benjy said the mum

your coming home with me


Benjy sat and pondered

there was a God for dogs after all

the months he had sat and waited

for some kind family to call


Jenny the kennel maid gave him a pat

said well old friend its time to go

so off they  went so happily

leaving footprints  in the snow


But this time it was different

because showing by their side

were some quite large paw marks

from the dog that sometimes cried



Franco the toymaker was busy at work

it’s Christmas so no time to shirk

making things for the girls and boys

in his shop to fill with toys


Dolls, Trains all sorts of things

he knows all the joy it brings

at this time of year, the special season

this religious time, we all know the reason


Hard at work throughout the day

many people come his way

into his shop and they will buy

that special present

for their children to enjoy


Late that night as he was closing

his thoughts were many

and he was supposing

what was next that he should make

there was so much for goodness sake


He looked around, just not enough

to go round, life was so tough

he felt a pain in his chest

made him grab his bright red vest


To the floor he fell so fast

he thought the feeling wouldn’t last

now passed out caused by his fall

fortunately Mrs Grimble

passing had seen it all


The Doctor came,  your confined to bed

but my toys Franc said

the children, they will understand

so just you rest that’s what I demand


That night while Franco was fast asleep

from out of one eye a toy did peep

Zippo the Clown was wide awake

this couldn’t happen for goodness sake


Hey wake up he shouted loud

disturbing all the sleeping crowd

other toys began to stir

suddenly lathes began to whir                       


 Standing over Franco’s bed

an Angel raised her pretty head

I’m here to help someone so good

so the toys will be made

just like they should


My little helpers will save the day

you deserve all the help

that comes your way

always there for the hard up and the poor

now its time to repay that heart of yours


All night long toys slaved away

making friends to save the day

all the shelves were full plenty for all

now we’ve answered the Angels call


So Zippo sat back quite contented

looked at the toys his friends had invented

Christmas would be just as before

with folks coming through the door


To see the children’s faces as they perused

all the toys, looking excited and bemused

was all the Angel and her friends required

and to save Franc from getting so tired


In the morning when he awoke

pain now gone, got up, gave the fire a poke

in the workshop he was surrounded

stood aghast, just plain dumfounded


All these toys don’t remember these

but the children I now can please

through the window he saw the snow

in the Christmas lights it was quite a show


Turned the door sign to say open

another day , like others often

never knew what took place that night

his Angel coming and bringing the light


That lit up his life for many years

so to bring children laughter

wiping away their tears

Zippo and his helpers just sat and pondered

about Christmas day, they really wondered


Who would buy them, take them home

to be played with

or would they remain alone

but would always remember

when Franco nearly died

the night they sat round and cried


Thanks to the Angel who brought them life

to aid poor Franco and save his life

all that remained so long ago

some unexplained footsteps in the snow