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The Man Who Paints Pictures With Words


An artist paints his pictures

with every stroke of his brush

takes his time to see it through

he’s never in a rush.

When his masterpiece is finished

he stands back to admire his work

satisfied he has done his best

a bottle he will uncork.

He may have drawn his picture

painted out his scene

thinks that it’s so special

the best he has ever seen.

No luxury like that for me

I can only use a word

describing what is in my mind

and things that I have heard.

Paint a picture with my soul

using only imagination

drawing a vision in my mind

and delivering it to the nation.

The finished piece must always have

a beginning and an end

like rhyming slang, it has to say

what you did intend.

Imagination is the key

to the words that come into your mind

creating the masterpiece, it seems

is a task so hard to find.

The artist has his colours to chose

I only have my words to use

if he paints a classic

it’s always in the news.

But a poets work is more re-find

rarely in the public eye

no masterpiece created here

but I wonder why.

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